What I do when I’m not playing games

My brother paid for me to visit him in Melbourne as a birthday present. Here’s a slideshow and junk. Trip highlights include the rats (one pictured) we walked past at night. Miranda and I squealed when Chris pointed them out then both gave in to “awww”s at the same time. They were actually kind of … Continue reading

Stay tuned

Don’t blog in a sour croute mood. Well our internet hit it’s limit on Monday and I was super sour about slower then dial-up download speeds. But today it came back, Huzzah! I’ve caught up on the Day[9] Daily #337 Funday Monday (hilarious), watched Thorzain get rolled in the GSL and chatted with my streamin-fun-teamin … Continue reading

Biphasic sleep

I normally sleep a lot. I feel horrible if I don’t get 12 hours of sleep at night and still crash in the afternoon for a nap. But now that Starcraft 2 is in my life (and all of the wonderful people I’ve met through it) I’m feeling short of time. I would certainly like … Continue reading