What I do when I’m not playing games

My brother paid for me to visit him in Melbourne as a birthday present. Here’s a slideshow and junk.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Trip highlights include the rats (one pictured) we walked past at night. Miranda and I squealed when Chris pointed them out then both gave in to “awww”s at the same time. They were actually kind of cute, maybe because they weren’t sitting in a rubbish bin. We found them again the next morning and I took that photo.

I also had a great time at the Vienna exhibition. Sad there weren’t more Klimt pieces but I adored Hoffman’s work. If anyone finds a copy of his library steps tell me, I almost stole them from the gallery. The fabric/furniture patterns were inspiring, I started making some Zerg themed textiles as soon as I got home.

I did break out the 3DS for the train trip home. I was never a Nintendo baby but I love the Zelda games.

I’ll be back to SC2 tonight after a visit to the gym. I ate so much delicious food in Melbourne but must slim down for a wedding >.<

One Response to “What I do when I’m not playing games”
  1. ZiggyD says:

    These pics are awesome! 🙂 Those noodles are making me hungry.

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