Which Race Should I Take?

Protoss, Terran, Random, Zerg

Recently I joined some team monobattle games and had to play as Zerg. “What the heck do I do?” quickly became “I have the power”. My economy was through the roof and players fled as my Banelings rolled around the map. Since then I have had trouble playing as Terran. I felt so slow producing units and responding to my opponent. I prefer Protoss’ warp in and chrono-boost abilities or Zerg’s swarm style. I also find the hotkeys for these two races easier to manage: W>S+Shift>click click click click click or 1>s>rrrrrr>ttttt>ddddd just feels so good.

So I am leaving Terran for a while. My plan is to play Zerg on NA and Protoss on SEA. So far it is going rather well. These are a few of my favourite things: injecting with queens, spore crawlers, spine crawlers, burrow and upgraded speedlings. I haven’t used infestors, banelings or hydras yet but I am looking forward to it.
I think playing random in Monobattles and custom games can give you handy insights into what scares each race. I try to think about my opponents’ mental position as I play.

“If I were Terran I’d sure hate to see MUTAS right now”

Fear the Casualness of Team Games

Custom and team games are fun and you can actually learn stuff from them. But they can be dangerous. That’s right change your password and update McAfee because these terrors can do the unthinkable. They can make you forget about 1v1’s. I thought it was harmless fun, I thought I was cool, until my bonus pool hit 132.

When Ziggy asked me if I had played any 1v1’s yesterday I found myself bowing my head and scuffing my foot “No”. What was this feeling? I was afraid to play by myself. Well I am not standing for this (insert stubborn face). I will be rude to my team buddies and take the time to work on my 1v1’s, this will make me a better gamer in the long run and a better team member. Huzzah for planning (Virgo).

Update On Biphasic Sleep

At the moment both Ziggy and I are sick so biphasic sleep has been broken until we get better. A very important part of sleeping less is having something to do with all your spare time. I had a problem with waking up at 7am, taking Tychus for a walk, getting home at 8am and crawling back into bed because it was cold. I ended up napping until 11am and ruining my whole sleep schedule. Hopefully with better weather and a job looming on the horizon my next try at biphasic sleep (stuff you sickness) will be more successful.

And Now This

Last night I had 3 mice (the computer kind) on my desk and none of them worked. I was trying to play SC2 on my touchpad, it was possible but selecting single units was horrible. I also had to give control of my army to my team mates because right clicking was so fickle. Today had a few sad faces and wistful sighs until Ziggy bought me a new mouse. The Ttesports Black mouse is an awesome (early) birthday present. I love the feel of it and the bad-arse red colouring. I’m also really glad that it is so different from Ziggy’s mouse. He has a Razer DeathAdder which is all curvy with blue lights. I feel like a SC2 player in my own right not just “ZiggyD’s girlfriend”. The final icing on my mouse cake (mmm birthday cake…) is that it is corded. Yay! No more switching on and off, batteries running out mid-game or searching through draws for loose (please have charge) AAs.

Back to You

Okay readers time for some interaction. What mouse do you use? Is it marketed for gaming? Why did you choose this mouse over others? What do you think of coloured lights in mice, keyboards and headsets? And finally, how many songs did I quote in this post?

Thanks for reading ❤

6 Responses to “Which Race Should I Take?”
  1. At the moment I use a piece of shit mouse, but soon I shall be using a Steelseries Kinzu til I can afford something sexy and new ^_^ gratz on your new mouse, send me mouse porn pix plz. ❤

  2. Because it was a Razer DeathAdder why wouldnt i use a Razer product?

  3. ZiggyD says:

    I went through the same thing playing around with the races and although I have picked a main race I still play the other races often. It’s hard and unnecessary to restrict yourself to only one. Starcraft-life wasn’t meant to be monogamous surely?

    Im keen to get back into Biphasic sleep and be awake at times that are useful in the esports world such as beyond midnight (In Australia). Maybe one day if my life does not involve a full-time job (I very much hope so) I will try the “Uberman’s polyphasic sleep” system. Essentially a 20 min nap every four hours only totalling 2 hrs of sleep a day :O Apparently it works because you hit REM instantly and end up getting the same (sometimes more) REM sleep then in a 8hr monophonic sleep. Imagine all the SC2 you could play if your days were 22hrs long?!?!

    Razer products are definitely marketed towards gamers, they have the flashy lights and cool factor required of a gaming product but they also meet up to quality and performance standards required for most amateur/pro gamers. I love my Razer Deathadder and it makes me enjoy gaming even more.

  4. I use a Logitech MX518 mouse. Its large, its comfortable, its accurate and it has macro keys and on-the-fly DPI switching. I ordered a mechanical keyboard too, but god knows when I will get it.

    As far as choosing your race is concerned, I won’t say anything for terran/protoss. But I’ll say this: go with zerg if you can handle frustration. A lot of it. zerg is the best and the worst race to start out with. Worst because you can’t rely on those ‘5 basic principles to get into diamond’ everyone quotes about. They are literally bullshit in zerg’s case. Even at our low level, you need to get inside the game’s strategy, principles and timings to have a reliable chance of winning. There are situations in the early game where u literally have to outplay your opponent by a factor of five to survive. Its absolutely correct to say – you learn terran/protoss by playing a lot; you learn zerg by losing a lot. And you WILL lose a lot. Its not the path of the faint-hearted.
    Then I said its the best race to start out with. Paradox, isn’t it. Yes. Its the best race too. And the reasons are the same as above. You will know so much more about the game and your mechanics will be so much more better that you WILL improve a LOT faster than those playing the other races. They will eventually hit a plateau in their improvement. There will be times when they don’t know what they should do to improve. You will not. You will keep on improving faster than them, you will always know where you can improve. And once youaccept the fact that you will lose a LOT and start playing not to win, but to improve and learn; you will love playing as zerg.

    It may seem I am trying to discourage you from playing zerg or harping about zergbeing superior to other races. I’m not. I’d love if u choose to play zerg and will gladly show you the path of the swarm . . .

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