How ZiggyD Got Me Into Starcraft 2

In The Beginning

When Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty was released on the 27th of July 2010 I didn’t give a crap. ZiggyD was talking it up, trying to convince me that it was worth spending AU$80 on. I was listening politely but much more interested in the latest Xbox 360 games.

“If you want it, get it” I said, thinking that it would be the latest edition to his pile of shame.*

Ziggy retreated to his man-cave to play Starcraft 2 for a week straight. I think I missed the part where he fell in love with it but I started to pay attention when he spent an hour long walk talking about the perks of each race. Shit, I think this is his new project.

Cue Jealousy

A game is stealing my boyfriend?! A GAME! I wrestled with my jealousy of SC2 for a long time. Ziggy spent so much time in a dark room playing. He talked about it non stop when I dragged him out of the house, he bought a website to write about it and worst of all he stopped showing an interest in my life. Unfortunately I had no interests of my own to occupy me while Ziggy was glued to his computer and was at the start of a big life break down.

Sometimes I banned Ziggy from SC2. In my ragey-est moments I would yell things like
“Why don’t you just go fuck [insert name of Ziggy’s SC2 friend that I thought was a girl] then you can both play fucking Starcraft together” Yes, even the friends he made through SC2 made me jealous.

Luckily Ziggy didn’t give up. He bought me books to entertain me and kept playing SC2 in our room. When I realised he spent as much time watching SC2 as he did playing it I knew he had found his second love. So where did this leave me?

These were the three options I came up with.

  1. Break up with Ziggy
  2. Stay with him but limit his Starcraft time
  3. Learn to live with it

I love Ziggy (go ahead, say awwww all gooey like) so my choice was clear. I would learn to live with it. I went for a walk and made the mental adjustment. It wasn’t long before my brain was buzzing with ways to support Ziggy and his new hobby. I was so proud of myself for being the cool girlfriend who greeted him at the door with a beer and the words “go play”.

Once I had accepted SC2 our relationship got a boost. Ziggy loves sharing information and his passion for SC2 made every conversation intriguing. I never felt shy asking questions (even though they were nooby) because my interest was like a drug for Ziggy. We had a nice little love circle going on (fig. 1).

Reel ‘er in

Once I had a basic (super basic) grasp of the game Ziggy started watching the Day[9] daily in our room. He wore headphones for my sake but I kept getting frustrated by his random fits of laughter and made him explain what was funny each time. He told me who Day[9] was and asked me to watch a Funday Monday with him. We had some great laughs and it became a weekly event. I got the Proud Girlfriend perk and Ziggy’s master plan was underway.

After watching a few Funday Mondays Ziggy sat me down to watch the Day[9] daily #100 (with a delicious dinner). Hearing Sean talk about his life of Starcraft was amazing but what really got to me was the look on Ziggy’s face when we talked about it. Realisation- Our family now had four members Ziggy, Me, Tychus and Starcraft.

It wasn’t hard to get me in to Starcraft 2 as an eSport. With iNcontroL to giggle at (“look at him dance”), TLO to admire (“He’s little like me”), Select to purr over (“He’s so graceful”) and Idra to hate (“I hate him”) I was watching and cheering events in no time.

Getting me to play SC2 was easy too. I started out playing the Easy AI and worked my way up to beating Hard then had some 1v1’s with people from PRACBUD. The biggest thing holding me back from getting my own account was the feeling of isolation. I wanted to know there were other girls who played. I don’t know why this was so important but I went searching and found a Girls of Starcraft group. The members were all very welcoming and the skype chat was busy 24/7. With Ziggy and the group to support me I was ready to make a fool of myself and play Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty.

Buying my own copy

Games in Australia are expensive so I was nervous to spend what little money we had spare on a game I could grow to hate. The thing that won me over was all the custom games available. I thought I could fall back on these if I started to hate laddering. Watching Ziggy play Left to Die, Aiur Chef and Marine Arena got me twitching with excitement to explore the mods.

I went on a special shopping trip alone to buy Starcraft 2. I was worried that Ziggy would be so keen for me to play and pressure me to rush into it. I wanted to take time to find a good name, get my desk set up and choose a race. Sadly Ziggy was caught up writing an article and I had to speak to him about helping me through the early stages of SC2 noobdom. “You have to finish getting me into Starcraft before you write an article about it” pout.

Present Day

This blog was created to help me wrap my head around Starcraft 2. It forces me to take time to think about how I am playing and give myself clear goals. I love many things that SC2 has brought into my life like the girls group, evenings playing with fexFxRogue, intense conversations with Ziggy and even the jargon like “baller” and “imba”. I am thoroughly converted to SC2.

The Real You

I wrote this post to go with Ziggy’s “How to Get Your Partner Into Starcraft 2” article. I hope it sheds some light on the partner’s perspective of being converted to SC2. If you love Starcraft 2 good communication is vital. Even if your partner doesn’t play SC2 the most important thing is for them to understand your relationship with the game. Be honest, listen to your partner and try to maintain a healthy balance of partner/SC2 quality time.

* consisting of games you start but never finish

5 Responses to “How ZiggyD Got Me Into Starcraft 2”
  1. ZiggyD says:

    Great post! Very enlightening ^_^

  2. Nicely written.. ❤

  3. gilbertamy says:

    @ZiggyD @Jana

    Thank you (^_^)

  4. Weirdandfun says:

    You go girl. Perhaps one day my girlfriend would be just like you. =D

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