Encounters of an online variety

BM again

I think I have found the two main options for dealing with BM. These are displayed by my Starcraft buddies, femFxRogue and ZiggyD.

Stick it to ’em– This is Rogue’s style. She pulls out some hard core BM in our 2v2 games and I find it hilarious. Creative and in-your-face, Rogue turns BM into a game, and most people play along. Despite spending game APM on ‘colourful conversation’ Rogue seems to thrive when her opponent has some character.

Water off a duck’s back– This is ZiggyD’s style. When people BM he either chuckles or sends them hearts. He says “If I’m annoying someone I’m probably doing something right” and that’s the end of the matter.

I’m still not sure how I deal with BM but with these two to support me I know I won’t be feeling down for long. <3’s to you both.


I’m still frustrated by Zerg’s Mutalisk, Ling, Baneling harassment . I crumple under the weight of so many units. Grumpiness made me search for TvZ strategies and I like what I found. MMA vs Idra at MLG Anaheim.
pause for trollface moment
The core of this strategy is- Blue flame Hellions,  Marines and Medivacs. I’m happy to try this out since finding an episode by KingOctavious using hellions and banshees. Copying pros is a bit daunting for a bronzie like me.


My marines got blasted into tiny red pixels by tanks tonight. My macro was severely lacking and I got rolled despite my Thors and banshees. I will be learning the banshee, hellion and viking strategy from ZiggyD for TvTs. I know it is complicated but I have plenty of time to learn.


I strolled over a Protoss tonight. He missed his opportunity to kill me after I lost my marine/marauder army to his zealots and void rays. I only had two turrets up in my main but his voids scrambled away like Tychus from a hair dryer. While I re-massed a heavy marine army he teched to carriers. The final battle saw my few marauders dealing with his zealots while my stim-high marines took down his voids and carrier.

Final Thoughts

I felt pretty cool during a 4v4 game tonight. I played as Protoss and warped some zealots into a mineral line. I think I will try to use more medivacs and drops in my games instead of throwing my army away in a head-on fight.

I am getting so many more views then I ever expected. <3’s to everyone. Leave a comment or hit me up on twitter, I’m always keen for more learning or a fun game.

7 Responses to “Encounters of an online variety”
  1. you know why that strat is only awesome when MMA and boxer used it?? Cuz they are fucking MMA and boxer. those guys are gosu times two. Their APM peaks at 400.

    • gilbertamy says:

      Hence copying KingOctavious instead 😛
      My APM is 27, I don’t think that equals 400 >.<

      • blavek says:

        Its important to note that APM is not a measure of skill per se. But it can be a measure of doing the things you need to do to make your units do what you want them to do. While low APM may restrict you from effectively employing a given stratagy, trying a strategy with a high apm requirement and really working on it will make you a much better play faster than doing something you know you can pull off. once you get to high gold platinum a-moving to victory becomes more an more difficult. so my advice is if you see a strategy you like i.e. slayers blue flame hellions. Do it and do it A LOT and eventually it will be second nature for you to pull it off w/o sacraficing other parts of your game. Also not in bronze league in all three match ups blue flames will outright win games a lot of times. If you try a difficult strat that requires good APM you will find that as you do it more and more and you become more familiar with it and you learn the things you need to do your APM will climb quite quickly. So I guess what I am saying is “Don’t ask permission, Just effing do it” – day[9]

  2. gilbertamy says:

    I have been thinking about getting my play smoother. I was worried about sticking to one build but you have convinced me that I can learn more through repetition then creativity at the moment. Thank you 🙂 I will start doing this in my 1v1s

  3. I never said APM is a measure of skill. But APM is a measure of multitasking ability. Those specific strategies in MLG Anaheim used by the korean terrans were so effective because they have insane multitasking and mechanics

  4. And indeed, that’s the important thing ‘Without sacrificing your game’. My first comment may seem discouraging but I said that because people get tunnel-visioned when they think of trying out something new. They don’t pay attention to the basics. That’s why I recommend standard play so u can improve your mechanics first. But if u can do both, then all power to you.

    • gilbertamy says:

      Since switching to Zerg all of my games seem to be about the basics. It is so much easier to see ‘bumps’ in my play compared to Terran and my thought process is getting better because of it. I am looking at supply, the mini-map and my energy levels more. I will write an update on how I am playing soon and even check if my APM has improved 😀

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