Biphasic sleep

I normally sleep a lot. I feel horrible if I don’t get 12 hours of sleep at night and still crash in the afternoon for a nap. But now that Starcraft 2 is in my life (and all of the wonderful people I’ve met through it) I’m feeling short of time. I would certainly like to blog more often.

So when ZiggyD said he was starting biphasic sleep I decided to join the experiment.

Biphasic sleep means sleeping twice each day. Our routine is 2am to 6:30am and 5pm to 6:30 pm. We aren’t strict with the time we start the 90 minute nap.

I failed for the first two mornings. I blame my dreams. I have trouble letting go of my dreams, especially bad ones, and deal with them by going back to sleep. This doesn’t actually deal with them. I wake up around noon, stay in bed feeling guilty then finally get up when my puppy (Tychus) bounces on my bladder.

But now it is the weekend and ZiggyD will be home to force me out of bed. We’re planning to take Tychus for a walk in the morning. I hope this will motivate me to get out of bed as soon as I wake up and stop that “dream to fix a dream” habit.

This worries me- “biphasic sleep can improve both clarity and frequency of dream recall” We shall see how I go…

I will keep updating this blog with my progress and note any effects it has on my Starcraft 2 experience.

Here are some handy links on biphasic sleep.

Steve Pavlina runs a personal development site. This is his personal experience with biphasic sleep. This is a link to his site’s forum thread on biphasic sleep, where other people share their experiences.

5 Responses to “Biphasic sleep”
  1. with biphasic, you WILL get more vivid dreams. Biphasic enhances the percentage of time you spend in REM sleep cycle which the most important part of sleep. And dreams occur in REM cycle.

    • gilbertamy says:

      I had a very complex dream last night. It was a bit disturbing and I normally would have stressed over it but Tychus distracted me and I lost focus. I hope eventually I can recall and enjoy my dreams.

  2. ikr. All my dreams lately have been pretty vivid and, sometimes pretty disturbing. so vivid that when I wake up I’m really confused about stuff. I actually dreamed about how I failed in my exams and I woke up freaking out then realized 5 minutes later that those exams had happened in March and I’d done pretty well.

    Oh god! I’m confusing dreams and reality! It sounds like inception . . .am I . . .am I in limbo??

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