Macro-ing Macro-ing

I played my Season 3 placement matches tonight and won both of them. Huzzah!

Game One

My first game was against a Zerg on SEA and I feel proud that my studying has paid off. I held back his one base Roach rush with my Marauders and started teching. I have been frustrated by Zergs since I started playing and felt lost trying to choose a tech path against them. It took me a few days to figure out what scared me most facing Zerg. This is what I came up with-

  • Mutalisks
  • Banelings
  • Infestors

I glanced at some build orders on Team Liquid (I don’t suggest getting builds from here as most of them are troll posts) and came across a gem of wisdom.

Place a turret at your mineral line and one at your ramp to dissuade Mutalisks.

That sounded handy, and turrets have detection so I could see those nasty burrowed bugs.
While a single turret may be effective enough in the upper leagues of SC2 I have noticed that any Mutalisks sent against me are in a massive pack (horde? murder?). For this reason I have been trying to leave a few marines in my base or even a Thor as in tonights game, to provide support.

Macroing saved me against the Banelings tonight. For a while in that game we were feeding each other kills as he kamikazed my bio army. I still have to learn to place my Marines behind the Marauders…

I only dealt with a few Infestors in my TvZ game but I have made a note to build Medivacs to lessen their damage. I will also be trying to add ghosts to my build in the event of mass Infestors.

Game Two

TvT scares me. I chose Terran for the race’s versatility so when I meet one I think “Crap they know this race better than I do. They’re going to do some crazy tech and annihilate me” (getting hysterical near the end there). Strangely enough my crazy build worked perfectly against Terran tonight. I tried a 2 Barracks, (kinda) fast expand, Thors and Medivacs. He did a 3 Barracks timing push and teched to Tanks. It was very close in the early game but my first Thor popped out in time to save me. I had an economic advantage from then on and better upgrades. We both built Banshees but mine were more successful against his Tanks then his were against my Thors and Marines.

Pause for a small, self-satisfied giggle.

A very strange thing happened in this game though. I noticed that he found my hidden expansion very quickly mid-game. I wondered if he had seen the Medivac that dropped the SCV so I watched the replay from his perspective. There was nothing. He only scanned once the whole game. On top of my 99% complete Planetary Fortress that was two bases away from my second expansion. WTF? Maybe it was a fluke. Maybe he was a cheater. What matters in the end is that I won (and I will keep an eye out for map hackers in the future).

Final thoughts

I am enjoying learning SC2 for myself at the moment. I know I could get better faster if I watched some videos but I don’t think I could absorb the knowledge properly. The way I am playing and thinking about the game feels natural and engaging. I think this is a very important way to learn while I am a newbie. I still have ZiggyD and the Girls of Starcraft 2 group to support me if I have specific questions.

One thing I have found very helpful for super newbs like myself is the free iPhone app SC2 Armoury. I like having a pocket guide to the units and their upgrades etc. I used it last night to see if Ghosts started with the EMP ability (they do).


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