Starcraft 2 mission list

EDIT: For those who are looking for a list of the Missions in the campaign I suggest this site. It includes basic mission info, achievements and links to other guides. I’m sorry my title is confusing, this is my personal mission list for multiplayer ❤

I have been watching my boyfriend play Starcraft 2 for a few months now and really enjoyed it.
I was hesitant to get the game myself because it has such a male orientated community. I looked around for some support and joined a facebook and skype group for girls who play. They were all wonderful, their jokes and advice helped me let go of my anxieties.

So I bought my own account and have been playing for four days now.

Last night was full of intense play which helped me develop a clear set of goals to improve my game.

1. Constant SCV production

2. Keep an eye on supply

3. Expand faster

4. Be brave and take the third expansion

5. Make more production buildings

For now I am sticking to a simple 3 barracks opening but am not sure what to do mid-game.
I will focus on getting my opening smooth then find a mid/late game build that I can manage.

One Response to “Starcraft 2 mission list”
  1. ZiggyD says:

    Awesome! Keep at it and you will be stomping in no time ^^

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