Smashed and Bad Manners


I encountered my first bad mannered (BM) player tonight. I like Day 9’s saying “Never give up, never surrender” and find it quite easy and useful to keep trying to rebuild as Terran. In this particular game I had two bases left and was building Starports to counter all of his units (zerglings, banelings and roaches). I was harassing his grand total of two (2) bases with banshees when he found and took down my Planetary Fortress. That is where I decided to call gg. I didn’t float my buildings to the corners but he still said &%$# you. That kind of hurt.

But BM is popular in sports and especially over the internet. So I am thinking that all of these people, with their unnecessary anger, are upset by their computer-cave surroundings.

I heart you sad little cavelings and hope you find a meadow to ease your soul in soon.


Well tonight was a mix of easy victories and crushing losses. I played on the North American (NA) server where I am currently in silver. Some strategies which I really had trouble defending were-

  • Zerglings and Mutalisks
  • Mass Zealot rush
  • Banshee harass

Some things I need to work on to deal with these are-

  • Quick strategy transition
  •  Proper interpretation of scouting
  •  Applying more consistent pressure
One Response to “Smashed and Bad Manners”
  1. Haha, BM players exist in every community. We should be thankful that SC2 community is by far the nicest and most welcoming. I play League of Legends and unlike SC2 nobody is willing to talk or help others and every other guy is BMing pretty hardcore. That said, NA players are usually more bad-mannered than the SEA people who are rather polite. Interestingly, the competition and skill level is higher in SEA than NA (a SEA gold player can easily compete with NA platinum) maybe cuz we’re more willing to help each other out and practice rather than QQ. So don’t worry about those idiot skill-less NA newbs 😛

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