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What I do when I’m not playing games

My brother paid for me to visit him in Melbourne as a birthday present. Here’s a slideshow and junk. Trip highlights include the rats (one pictured) we walked past at night. Miranda and I squealed when Chris pointed them out then both gave in to “awww”s at the same time. They were actually kind of … Continue reading

Which Race Should I Take?

Protoss, Terran, Random, Zerg Recently I joined some team monobattle games and had to play as Zerg. “What the heck do I do?” quickly became “I have the power”. My economy was through the roof and players fled as my Banelings rolled around the map. Since then I have had trouble playing as Terran. I … Continue reading

Stay tuned

Don’t blog in a sour croute mood. Well our internet hit it’s limit on Monday and I was super sour about slower then dial-up download speeds. But today it came back, Huzzah! I’ve caught up on the Day[9] Daily #337 Funday Monday (hilarious), watched Thorzain get rolled in the GSL and chatted with my streamin-fun-teamin … Continue reading

How ZiggyD Got Me Into Starcraft 2

In The Beginning When Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty was released on the 27th of July 2010 I didn’t give a crap. ZiggyD was talking it up, trying to convince me that it was worth spending AU$80 on. I was listening politely but much more interested in the latest Xbox 360 games. “If you want … Continue reading

Encounters of an online variety

BM again I think I have found the two main options for dealing with BM. These are displayed by my Starcraft buddies, femFxRogue and ZiggyD. Stick it to ’em– This is Rogue’s style. She pulls out some hard core BM in our 2v2 games and I find it hilarious. Creative and in-your-face, Rogue turns BM … Continue reading

Biphasic sleep

I normally sleep a lot. I feel horrible if I don’t get 12 hours of sleep at night and still crash in the afternoon for a nap. But now that Starcraft 2 is in my life (and all of the wonderful people I’ve met through it) I’m feeling short of time. I would certainly like … Continue reading

Macro-ing Macro-ing

I played my Season 3 placement matches tonight and won both of them. Huzzah! Game One My first game was against a Zerg on SEA and I feel proud that my studying has paid off. I held back his one base Roach rush with my Marauders and started teching. I have been frustrated by Zergs … Continue reading

Smashed and Bad Manners

BM I encountered my first bad mannered (BM) player tonight. I like Day 9’s saying “Never give up, never surrender” and find it quite easy and useful to keep trying to rebuild as Terran. In this particular game I had two bases left and was building Starports to counter all of his units (zerglings, banelings … Continue reading

Starcraft 2 mission list

EDIT: For those who are looking for a list of the Missions in the campaign I suggest this site. It includes basic mission info, achievements and links to other guides. I’m sorry my title is confusing, this is my personal mission list for multiplayer ❤ I have been watching my boyfriend play Starcraft 2 for … Continue reading


“Who would read my blog? I don’t have anything interesting to say.” Well stuff it. I loved learning how to use wordpress and writing things. So here it is. My blog about stuff.